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We take pride in offering fast, accurate prescription medication services. 

We also carry a full line of over-the-counter (OTC) treatments and products. Including vitamins, herbal medications and dietary supplements. 

We are now offering seasonal vaccinations for influenza.  No appointment is needed and vaccinations are covered in whole or part by Medicare and many insurance providers. 

‚ÄčAdditionally, we offer Pneumonia and Shingles vaccinations. 

We carry a large inventory of health care and home medical equipment from  top name manufacturers.

Our staff is trained to assist you in selecting exactly what you need to feel your best.


Our ONLY  focus is your HEALTH.

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Bacon East Compounding Pharmacy has been proudly serving Concord area residents' prescription, medication compounding, healthcare products, immunization and  home medical equipment needs for over 30 years. 

Compliance packaging

Bacon East Pharmacy is the first pharmacy in the area to offer the PARATA PASS compliance packaging. This packaging system makes it easy to follow any medication regimen.

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