Why should I take a
​bio-identical hormone?

There are many mass-produced hormone treatments on the market today. Since no two women are alike, the value of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is that it can be adapted to each individual women’s body and hormone levels. In fact, hormones can be compounded in a variety of strengths and dosage forms including:
• Sublingual drops or troches
• Capsules
• Gels or foams
• Suppositories
• Topical or vaginal creams

​That’s why more women are turning to the Bacon East Compounding for our custom hormone replacement therapy.

BHRT may be useful for relieving the symptoms of a variety of conditions common among women of all ages, including:
• Menopause
• Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS)
• Irregular menstrual cycle
• Moodiness
• Hot flashes
• Infertility
• Postpartum depression
• Decreased libido
• Weight gain
• Endometriosis
• Fibrocystic breasts
• Vaginal dryness
• Painful sexual intercourse
• Orgasmic dysfunction
• Sleep disturbances or insomnia
​• Night sweats

How does bhrt work?

Women have traditionally used synthetic estrogen therapy to treat menopausal symptoms and to help protect against osteoporosis. But with the help of a doctor and Bacon East Compounding’s pharmacist, a woman can start and maintain a bio-identical hormone replacement regimen that closely mimics what her body has been doing naturally for years.

Hormones for Women

Bio-identical hormone replacment therapy (BHRT)

Millions of women, from every age and background, experience some form of hormone-related health condition during their lifetimes. Bio-identical hormone replacement (BHRT) refers to creating plant-derived hormones that are biologically identical to those hormones that naturally occur. Bio-identical hormones have the exact same chemical structure as human hormones. The body recognizes them and allows them to mimic the function of the hormones the body produces on its own.

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We're part of your bhrt team

Bacon East Compounding’s pharmacist is a valuable member of your BHRT care team, working with you and your physician, we will help to formulate the best treatment for you and your unique needs. And you can count on our pharmacist to stay with you, monitoring your treatment and helping you make any necessary adjustments. It’s your body - why not give yourself the option of a customized, bio-identical hormone therapy? Ask your physician or pharmacist about bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. If you don’t currently have a physician, we can recommend a physician to you.

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